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The rumors are true, the finest of natural stone and porcelain is now available at your fingertips in the architectural precinct of Richmond.

Open to the public from Monday the 25th of February, our beautiful new showroom is bursting with ambiance and serenity.

The journey begins before you are on the premises, with a billboard sized banner describing where it all originates. Through the glass doors and you are greeted by a rabble of butterflies, before you meet the tiny men on a terrain of marble and limestone.
Custom made solid Onyx seating, designed by the man himself Carlos Flores, adorns the polished concrete floors, complimenting the also solid Nestos Marble pillars. The stage scene, complete with gold horse's head, is the perfect place for you to lay out your personally chosen tiles and see them in context. And instead of hiding our complimenting samples, we have them on display for your viewing in a rainbow of colour, banded across the raw lime wash timber walls.

Rob Davidov's slab wall epitomizes the raw inspiration we have drawn from the shipping containers and crates our stones and porcelains arrive in from the four corners of the world. Our most adored marble, granite, limestone and travertine grace this thirteen metre wall, which is the apple of our showroom's eye. G-Lux's lavish range of porcelain tiles adorn the ten, three meter tall display units. These as well as the specially designed front desk and six meter meeting table also fall under Rob's unmatched talent.

So with the doors finally open, please come and join us for a drink in Balmain Street where we can introduce you to the quirky, innovative space that is our new designer showroom.

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