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Natural Stone

What is Natural Stone?


 Natural Stone adds elegance and beauty to your the outdoor area of your home by providing a beautiful paving solution. They are becoming increasingly popular as both a residential and commercial building material due to the unique advantages natural stone is able to offer in the way of functionality and aesthetic beauty. Coming in a huge range of sizes, shape, colours and textures, there is nothing that can quite match up to the versatility of the material which is able to suffice each and every one of your needs and preferences.


Natural Stone Usage; Benchtops, Countertops, Floors & More


 Natural stones can be incorporated into a whole array of different designs and styles, which is why they are such a highly sought after product with invaluable advantages over other types of material. Coming in many unique colours and shapes you are able to create a truly unique design with excellently durable and practical attributes suitable for a whole multitude of purposes. Natural stone is utilised worldwide to be integrated in the construction of staircases, countertops, sinks, fireplace and most of all flooring and landscaping. It is safe to say that no other building material is able to suit quite as many applications as natural stone.

Natural stone is usually used to create pave pathways and patios, with stone landscaping becoming more and more popular this is extremely fashionable nowadays. This can be incorporated effectively within different areas of landscape design, depending on the look you are trying to achieve. It provides the ideal option for covering grounds while making them pleasing to the eye, with some other common uses of stone including the construction of driveways, patio decks and steps. It is also incorporated in to structure of features to create a beautiful appearance such as retaining walls and waterfalls.

Although natural stone pavers may be slightly more expensive than the concrete alternatives, the good looks and superior durability provided by the excellent material is sure to last a lifetime and are the perfect option for homeowners out there who are looking to transform the exterior of their home with great improvement. With the correct installation within the correct setting, high quality stone slabs are both easy on the eye and will add a touch of class to your garden area.


Natural Stone Types - Granite, Marble, Limestone, Basalt, Travertine & More


 There are many different types of high quality natural stone available which all have their very own individual characteristics, including granite, marble, limestone, basalt and slate, as well as many more. At G-Lux we have offer a large range of natural stone tiles in Melbourne, Australia wide to builders, architects, home & business owners.

Although each type of natural stone possesses their own individual attributes there are certain advantages that are associated with them all. All natural stone is extremely durable and able to repel both water and stains, providing a lifetime of beauty to the purpose in which it is applied whilst creating an incomparable ambience to your home. For this reason they are frequently used in significant areas of the home such as entrance the entrance of the home, as this is first area guests are likely to come across within your home people tend to make it look as appealing as possible.


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